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1/2% commission to list and sell your home


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Levine Realty is one of the only full service real estate companies that only charges 1/2% commission to perform all of the services to sell your home, including open houses, showings, signage, full MLS exposure, color brochures and inclusion to websites Zillow, Redfin, Trulia and

We'll guide you through the escrow process, inspections and provide discounts on all escrow fees.

and full services of national real estate companies all for only 1/2%

We are the Costco of real estate companies for full services for only 1/2% commission


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Sales price
6% fee
DLR ½% fee
Savings to you


Levine Realty

A Full Service Real Estate Company

Do you need a Southern California real estate agent?
Someone you can trust to save money and bring you the best price at the lowest commission.

Do you need a Southern California real estate agent?

Someone you can trust to save money and bring you the best price at the lowest commission?

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At DLR Properties, we believe our clients should buy a home at their own pace. We believe home-buying is a process, and the more houses you see, the more you know. That way you can be confident in knowing you've found the house you want to buy. It doesn't matter how long it takes. We stick with you.

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1/2SELLERS pay only 1/2% [Limited Time Offer] commission when DLR lists and sells your home. Why choose us? We think everyone should own a home, and we'll show you how much you can afford. All it takes is one phone call, or one click to reach us via Email. We want you to buy a house!

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We do everything the major chain real estate companies do, for less than half the cost. And that includes: full MLS listings signage lock boxes internet advertising website full color brochures open houses (conducted by us) broker open houses (catered luncheons) showings on immediate request complete knowledge of financing marketing no long-term contracts

MLS Listings

listDebra and Michael Levine's extensive experience with sales of residential and commercial properties has seen them through the closing thousands of successful transactions in all price ranges throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties. Their staff is well versed in the latest technologies and marketing techniques employed in the real estate field today.

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Debra Levine imparts her great knowledge of the Mortgage industry on topics of mortgage, rates, finance and more in these professionally produced video's.

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1% Commission - 30-Second Spot

Debra Levine introduces her 1% listing fee program for homes in Los Angeles and Ventura County in Southern California.

Debra Levine Realty - Intoduction

Debra Levine explains how her knowledge of home loan programs helps her company sell homes.

Help Finding a Loan Program for Dream Home

Debra Levine explains how she has helped hundreds to find the perfect loan program to purchase their dream home.